Q*bert is a MSX game developed by Konami in 1986. Despite sharing the same name as the original, it has gameplay styled after Q*bert's Qubes.

All the characters are given entirely new designs with the title character being completely redesigned to give him a draconic appearance with smaller eyes, a visible, expressive mouth, arms, purple skin, yellow spines, and a somewhat long tail.


The game plays similarly to Qubes, with a play field of six-sided cubes floating in an arrangement of patterns. The MSX Q*Bert differs from Qubes in that all 50 levels have unique layouts different from the basic diamond shape. Regardless, the player's goal is the same: Match a line of five cubes in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal to clear the current level and move onto the next.

The game also plays noticeably faster than Qubes, with Q*Bert making shorter, quicker hops towards each cube. Another difference is the incorporation of powerups acquired from touching slime "enemies" that travel down the board:

  • Red: Turns Q*Bert's spine white and allows him to jump over a one-block wide space while the Space Bar or Fire is held.
  • Blue: Makes Q*Bert flash red and knock aside any enemy he crashes into.
  • Green: Freezes time for a short period, alike the Freeze Ball (however, touching frozen enemies is still lethal).
  • Yellow: Doubles Q*Bert's movement speed.
  • Grey: Every enemy on-screen is swept away.

All the other enemies that drop in function like Shoobops (minus their ability to spin the cubes they jump off of, though a particular light green enemy has this ability intact), falling through a cube if the color of the side they land on matches their color. Sheldons also appear.


Title screen