Species Coily
Gender Male
First Appearance Q*bert
Voiced By Frank Welker (Saturday Supercade)
Coily is one of Q*bert's primary enemies, along with Wrong-Way and Ugg. Coily can be considered as the main antagonist of the Q*bert series.




In the original game, Coily's main goal appeared to be to bite Q*bert. He always started off as a Coily egg, which bounced down to the center of the pyramid, where it hatched. Then, Coily would pursue Q*bert. The only way to get rid of Coily was to use a Transport Disk, which would cause Coily to jump right off the edge.

Animated Series


As opposed to his in-game appearance, Coily in the animated series is depicted as the leader of a greaser-type gang of troublemakers. Portrayed by Frank W. Welker.

Q*bert 3

In the third game, Coily played the same role as in the original.

Q*bert 1999

In the 1999 PC release of the game Coily take on the role of archenemy by kidnapping not only Q*bert's friends but also, Q*bert's homeworld.

Q*bert 2004

In the Q*bert 2004 flash game, Coily performed the same role as in the original. However, like Wrong-Way, Ugg, Slick and Sam, he appeared differently depending on the board type.

Q*bert Rebooted

In the reboot game, Coily plays the same role as in the original.

Wreck-It Ralph

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 12.09.49 PM

Q*bert, Sam, Coily, Slick and Ugg, saddened by the unplugging of their game, leaving them homeless.

Coily was confirmed to appear in Disney's 52nd animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph, along with the rest of the ensemble from the first game. They start out as homeless characters who have had their game unplugged, so Ralph offers them a cherry which he has taken from Pac-Man. At the end of the film, Q*bert and the gang are taken into Fix-It Felix Jr. to help them out on the bonus levels.


Coily makes a brief cameo in the end credits on the scene where he and the other 8-bit characters are attacking Washington DC in 8-bit style.


Artwork of Coily